Students will be able to
  1. Describe the influences that societal, economic, and technological changes have on employment trends and future training.
  2. Develop skills to locate, evaluate, and interpret career information.
  3. Identify and demonstrate processes for making short and long term goals.
  4. Demonstrate employability skills such as working in a group, problem-solving and organizational skills, and the importance of entrepreneurship.
  5. Understand the relationship between educational achievement and career choices/postsecondary options.
  6. Identify a career cluster and related pathways through an interest assessment that match career and education goals.
  7. Develop a career and education plan that includes short and long-term goals, high school program of study, and postsecondary/career goals.
  8. Demonstrate knowledge of technology and its application in career fields/clusters,
Based on Florida Department of Education

When I am Older

  1. When I am older, I may want to work with an insurance company.
  2. The things in my life that I value most are the sports that I play.
  3. One way that my life will be different from my parents' life is that when I get older then there will be even better technology and it will be easier to get work done.
  4. One thing from my current life that I want to maintain is my technology skills so it would be easy to use a computer.
  5. The best reason for thinking about continuing my education is because it would be helpful when I go to apply for a job.
  6. My number-one wish for my future self is to be successful in life.

Family Career Questionnaire

Ask a family member to answer the following questions about his or her career. Write down his/her answers. Be as specific as possible.
  1. What is your job title?
  2. How did you find your job (newspaper ad,employment agency, personal contact, etc.)?
  3. What made you decide to work in this career area (chance, parental influence, personal interest, salary,first available job, etc.)?
  4. Is this a traditional job for a person of your gender?
  5. What qualifications did you need for this job? How much education or training?
  6. What duties do you have during a typical day?
  7. What do you like best about your work?
  8. What do you like least about your work?
  9. When you were in school, what career dreams did you have?
  10. Did your dreams come true? Why? Why not?
  11. If you could have your dream career today, what would it be?