Review of Literature:

On my research The regular BPM (Beats per minute) is 60-100 BPM. I tested this on myself and my mother. My heart rate was 77 BPM but my moms heart rate was 89 BPM. What causes the heart rate to increase when your excited, scared or exercising?? The release of hormones react in a “fight or flight” response. The hormone known as adrenaline causes the heart to pump faster and harder. Now on to my research on the video games. On Call of Duty Black ops 2, it is a first person shooting game and there is a story mode, Multiplayer mode and a Zombies mode. Within 24 hours of sale, the game had over 500 million sales. The game may contain violence and adult language. Guitar Hero three legends of rock is a game where you use a fake guitar with 5 notes or strings (Green, red, yellow, blue and orange) and you play a song using the guitar. The game has 73 total songs on it and has four difficulties (Easy, Medium, Hard, and Expert). Easy mode only uses the first the green not to the yellow note on the guitar. Medium mode is the green note to the blue note and it is for people that think hard is to hard for them but they are to good for easy. Hard is all the notes but is really getting you ready for Expert because hard is a little easier than expert. Then the hardest difficulty is expert. Expert is really hard because it uses all the notes and when you play a song you don’t miss a note that is in the real song. Minecraft is a game in first, third, and the front view of your person (Avatar). In this game you try to find wood and tools and a bed and torches and you try to make a house and live on your own and can do whatever you want in the world that you are in. There are three different modes, survival, Peaceful, and creative mode. Survival mode is when during the day, there are just sheep, cow and pigs but then at night there are zombies that explode when they get near you, little skeletons that shoot arrows at you and then there are spitters also. Peaceful mode is the same thing as survival mode but at night you don't have creatures following you all night. Then there is creative mode. In creative mode you have a choice to get anything in your inventory (your inventory is where you can hold tools and equipment that you made or found) but can have any thing in the game. Then there is Dead or alive Ultimate. This game the newest out of all of these games but it is a fighting game were you fight other characters. There are tag modes and single modes. In tag mode you have two fighters and when you are getting beat or need to beat you opponent, then you tag your other fighter and they come in and start fighting. Single mode is when it is only you and your opponent fighting. When you play you have the option on one round where if you win the fight then you win, or you can put two rounds and if you win twice then you win. If you win one and your opponent wins one, then you will automatically go into third round and who ever wins that round will win the fight. I believe that Call of Duty black ops 2 and guitar hero three legends of rock will be a tie for the highest BPM.

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