Celebrating 100 years: Roald Amundsen's South Pole Expedition

Why am I reading this text ( watching this video)?
We are reading and watching this text to get better at our close reading skills.
How is the text (video) organized?
The video is organized by chronological order.
What standouts out for me as I first examine this text?
When the guy kills all the week dogs is what stands out to me.
What information/ideas are described in detail?
The information/ideas are described in detail by what there journey was about.
What do I learn about the topic as I read?
I learned about how it was hard for them to get to the south pole and there was some things that went wrong and so they had to go a different way then the way they wanted to.
What do I think this text (video) is about?
I think this text is about how some things can be hard but you can do it if you believe.
What words or phrases stand out to me as I read?

What words and phrases are powerful or unique?

What words do I need to define to better understand the text?

How do details, information, characters or ideas change across the text?

What words or phrases are critical for my understanding of the text?

Which details are most important to the overall meaning of the text?