(The Dominican Republic is in Central America.) Have you ever wondered how people are in the Dominican Republic? Well if you keep reading or listening you will learn what the food they eat, what sports they play, and some holidays that are the same and different in the United States.

Some of the foods they eat are rice and beans, empadas, and corn pudding. Rice and Beans are on of the most favorite and most popular foods in the Dominican Republic. Empadas is this really good dough on the outside and then beef or anything you really like. Corn podding is this creamy podding with corn in it.

The two main sports that the Dominican Republic played are Baseball and Cockfights isn't really a sport to us Americans, But to the Dominicans played a lot back then. Cockfights are when you get a chicken or chickens and you put them in a cockpit and they fight and the last chicken standing wins. After a lot of cockfights, they heard about the sport baseball and a lot of people that didn't like cockfights, they started playing baseball. Baseball got really popular really fast. Baseball is now there main sport in Dominican Republic.

Every state, country, or island have some Holidays. Well, the Dominican Republic has a lot of Holidays. There are three that I wanted to talk about and they are New Years day, Duarte's day and good Friday. New Years day is on January 1st when the year changes. Duarte's is on January 26th and it is the birthday of a national hero named Juan Pablo Duarte. The last holiday is Good Friday. Good Friday is on March 29 and it is when Jesus Christ died for our sins.

Now you know the sports the Dominican play, what food they eat, and some Holidays they celebrate. I hope that this project helped you know what you wanted to know or learn. One day you could be really bored so then you can go onto your computer and look at some other things the Dominican Republic do. Now have a nice day.