What did Jesus eat? Where was the food grown? How was it distributed?

They would grind grain, bake bread, milk the animals, and make cheese. Typically a family ate two meals: Breakfast – light or small amounts of food taken to work; and Dinner – A large meal with cheese, wine, vegetables and fruits, and eggs. As for meat, fish was most common, followed by chicken . Red meat was served only on special occasions, pork and crustaceans were absolutely forbidden. Most foods were boiled or stewed in a big pot and seasoned with salt, onions, garlic, cumin, coriander, mint, dill, and mustard. Food was sweetened with wild honey or syrups from dates or grapes. Food was generally served in a common bowl and eaten by dipping in with the fingers.
  • Jesus probably ate fish because in the bible there are different stories about people fishing.
  • Some of his miracles included fish.
  • It talks a lot about boats.
  • It talks about bread so there were grains
  • There was wine
  • There were roots
  • There was sheep and goats
  • There were olives
  • There were a lot of trees