Read at least 3 nonfiction books for your grade level from this group of topics.
This will be 3 formative grades. The score you get in MyON will be your grade for each book.
Then take the A.R. quiz for your Language Arts grade.
  • Technology
  • Engineering
  • Communication
  • Inventions

Book Reports

This will be 1 summative grade.
Cluster 1: Key Ideas and Details

LAFS.6.RI.1.2 Determine a central idea of a text and how it is conveyed through particular details; provide a summary of the text distinct from personal opinions or judgments.

Create a wiki page named BookReports with your code name.

Organize the information by each book. All information must be in complete sentences. For each of the 3 books Include the following:
  1. Title and author
  2. URL link in MyON
  3. What was the topic? What type of information was included?
  4. What was the central idea of the text?
  5. Write 3 supporting facts included in the book about the topic.
  6. What made you choose this book to read?
  7. Explain why you would or would not recommend the book to another student. Give specific reasons why or why not.