Career Planning

Students will be able to
  1. Understand the relationship between educational achievement and career choices/postsecondary options.
  2. Identify a career cluster and related pathways through an interest assessment that match career and education goals.
  3. Develop a career and education plan that includes short and long-term goals, high school program of study, and postsecondary/career goals.
  4. Demonstrate knowledge of technology and its application in career fields/clusters,
Based on Florida Department of Education

Your wiki Page
25 Fastest Growing Occupations in Florida
  1. Create a new wiki page called MyCareers codeinitials.
  2. Copy the information on this page and paste it onto your MyCareers page.
  3. Go to Education Planner.
  4. Click on Explore Careers that Interest You in the blue box in the top left. Complete the Career Cluster Activity on the top of the next screen. Write a summary of the Career Cluster activity.. W\
  5. Complete the Which Careers Match Your Skills, then write a summary of which careers match your skills. View at
  6. Watch at least 5 of the career videos at
    . Write a brief summary of each of the careers.
  7. Complete the it's Not All About Money section.
    List 5 facts you learned from this section.
  8. Explore Catholic Vocation website. What is a vocation?
  9. Find a university or training school:
    Write a brief summary of the results. Include a link to at least 2 colleges or professional training institutions that might prepare you for your future career.

4 career clusters:

5 careers that match my skills

career videos