• Pope Pius XII was pope throughout the time of the Holocaust.
  • He remained neutral during most of the Holocaust and didn't voice much of his opinion.
  • He made small indications that he didn't like what was going on in the Holocaust by making statements about injustices in general.
  • He hid a small group of Jews and tried to talk to a few executives to try and get them to help the Jews.
-Information from Book Source

Early Life
  • Pope Pius XII was born on March 2,1876 in Rome originally named Eugenio Pacelli.
  • One of four children.
  • His family was very devoted to the Vatican.
  • His great-grandfather was the minister of finance for Pope Gregory XVI
  • His grandfather was undersecretary of the interior for Pius IX
  • His father was dean of the Vatican lawyers
  • He majored in philosophy at the Georgian University.
  • He has degree in law and theology.
  • He began to study theology at Sant Apollinare and was ordained as a priest in 1899.
  • He joined the Secretariat of State for the Vatican in 1901, he became a cardinal in 1929, and he then was appointed Secretary of State in 1930
  • Pope Benedict XV made him apostolic nuncio (ambassador) in Bavaria, Germany
  • He understood what the Nazi party believed in and he was elected to be pope in 1939 and he hadn't said much about what Adolf Hitler was doing.
  • Pope Pius XII did make one statement regarding Hitler, his statement was “miserable plagiarists who dress up old errors with new tinsel.”

Life As Pope
  • Became pope on March 2, 1939
  • Did not want confrontation
  • Was trained diplomatically
  • Wanted to be known as "Pope of Peace"
  • Tried to persuade European governments away from war but was unsuccessful.
  • Did not want to make other governments angry by making a statement on antisemitism and what was going on with the Nazis.
  • Insisted that the position of papal was a neutral position and was not to be vocal about manners that would only make others angered and possibly make matters worse.
  • He did take part though in telling the British government in 1940 that Nazi generals were prepared to overturn German government if they were sure of an "honorable peace"
  • He also tried very hard to stop Benito Mussolini from entering the war
  • He started the Vatican Information Service, to help share [[#|information]] about the thousand war refugees and he also told the church to provide help to the Jews but in quiet so that no enemies would be made. this is said to have saved thousands of lives
  • After the war, many were angered that he did not do as much as they would have liked to stop Hitler and became known as the "Pope of Silence"
  • Pope Pius XII died in 1958

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