Understanding by Design Unit Plan for

  1. You will research information on the research questions.
  2. You will find at least 5 valid sources of information, one of which is the Bible.
  3. You will take notes on information you find. You may keep the notes on your wiki page. The notes may not be copied and pasted onto the wiki. Read the information and then put the notes on your wiki page in your own words.
    Make a note of where the information is from, so you can complete accurate parenthetical citations and bibliography.
  4. You must create an outline with specific information from your notes that you will use in your essay. The outline will be based on the 5 paragraph model on this wiki.
  5. You will write the 5 paragraph essay. Include parenthetical citations as you write that match your bibliography. You may not plagiarize.
  6. You will create a bibliography in alphabetical order with an annotation for each entry.

Religion Topic Questions:

  1. What did Jesus wear? What was it made of? Where did the fabric come from? How was it produced? What evidence do we have?
  2. What did Jesus looks like? What evidence do we have?
  3. What roads did he possibly walk on? Who made the roads? Describe how they were made. What kind of traffic was there? What evidence do we have?
  4. What did Jesus eat? Where was the food grown? How was it distributed? What evidence do we have?
  5. What were homes like in the time of Jesus? Where did they get water? How did they carry and store water? How and where were those containers made? What evidence do we have?
  6. When Joseph and Mary took the baby Jesus to Egypt, what route might they have taken? Describe cities they might have visited on the way to Egypt. Who lived in those cities? What evidence do we have?
  7. How big was the city of Jerusalem? What is the earliest map we have of Jerusalem? How far was it from Jerusalem to Bethlehem? What is the long-term religious and political importance of Jerusalem? What evidence do we have?
  8. What was the ecology of the area around Jerusalem? What was the ecology around the Sea of Galilee? Describe the geography and ecology of the Dead Sea. Where is the Jordan River in relation to the Sea of Galilee and the Dead Sea? What evidence do we have?

Student Essays

Essay LJ
Essay QL
Essay GRJ

Essay CN
Essay OJ
Essay HE1


Essay PT
Essay VKA
Essay WP

Essay CO
Essay HT
Essay RN

Essay AK

Essay DB
Essay JJ

Essay EE
Essay MG